Reunion Surf Bar

I am a big advocate for trying out new bars/restaurants within my city or any other city for the most part. Trying out new places allows us to decide whether something is worth going to again or even recommending to others. Unfortunately, I have a place I WILL NOT recommend to others. Reunion Surf Bar is one of those places I would not recommend.

Located in Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC, getting in the establishment first is confusing. It’s attached to another building, so if you are not quick enough to catch the sharp left turn, you will miss the entrance. Once you do make the sharp left turn, you take a flight down the stairs to the bar, which is not bad in size. The good thing about it is they do have a big beach-like chair, where people can take photos. That can be good for your Snap story or your IG post. 🙂

I truly believe this day was understaffed because we only saw one waitress taking all of the orders, one bartender making all of the drinks and one server dropping the food off. So for this, I probably wouldn’t blame the staff, I would blame the manager of the day or the others who decided to call out of work. None of us ordered food; however, we managed to order drinks.

I ordered an Acid Drop, one person ordered a Surfer Girl and another a Mango Mojito. All three drinks were horrible. Their prices are not bad and they do have happy hour specials until 8 PM, which is good. The flip side to this is what is that worth when the drinks are bitter and are not balanced correctly between liquor and juice? My party practically ordered only one drink and left. We did not blame our waitress; however, if it is one person bartending, at least make sure your drinks are good so you do not have to make the drinks again.

Good location I would say, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Go at your own risk.


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