Keeping Up With Rob & Chyna

One of the stories everyone’s been talking about since yesterday was Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. The Kardashians are known for having scandalous stories to tell and sometimes, they’re willing to tell on themselves. This story; however, tops the cake. On Instagram, Rob Kardashian goes into a 6 plus post on how Blac Chyna has been cheating on him with over 20 men, having men in their bedroom, exposing her body to the world and even putting other personal details on front street. Now, Rob has always been emotional and suffers from self esteem issues. This is still no excuse for his actions.

Regardless of how bad Chyna might have done, she’s still the mother of your child. One day, Dream has to wake up and see this. Although things can get flagged or deleted, there is always a hacker out in society that knows how to bring back what was posted years ago. Rob Kardashian is an example of an “adult” who allowed his emotions get the best of him, abused the power of social media and now just exposed how much of a fool we all knew he was. Sad part is, I can’t feel bad for Rob. This is what he asked for.

After all the damage the Kardashian’s done to Chyna’s family, Rob…. Why would you think she genuinely wanted to be with you? Your sister destroyed her family. Your other sister was her friend and didn’t even say anything to defend her. And you thought she absolutely wanted you? Rob… be real. Sis was doing that to get back at y’all. And guess what, I’m not mad at her. Over the years, the Kardashian’s have been using their white privilege and their money to screw over African Americans. They have taken our culture, destroyed lives of promising African American stars and disrespected people all in the process. They are an example of Caucasians “wanting to be Black until it’s time to be Black.” I respect that you appreciate our culture; however, Kardashians’, you can do a better job at showing appreciation.

Now, because you wanted to spite your family and get some “Black sauce,” you realized you couldn’t handle it. Sorry Rob, I don’t feel 100% bad for you. Who I do feel bad for is Dream. The baby is innocent; so for her parents to be like this for the world to see is not helpful for her development. I actually feel bad for Chyna and Tyga’s son as well because he has to see this one day. For this department, both Chyna, Rob, Kylie and Tyga have to get together because you’re showing a bad example to the future generation.

Because of all this, Rob has not thought of his actions. Blac Chyna can actually press charges against Rob for exposing her nudes, for exposing her surgery (which can be a HIPAA violation) and she can spin his story and show how he is a drug supplier. Rob… you thought this all wrong. All this money you gave her, the drugs, everything… you exposed yourself. Nowadays, it’s one person’s word against another, but if you have screenshots, that can be used as evidence. Sorry Rob, you can possibly take Chyna to court for full custody of Dream and win (because of your white privilege and your funds); however, Chyna can spin everything you done around and still continue to be on top.

Like I said prior, I’m not mad at Chyna. I’m not gonna disrespect her name or her on this post or anywhere else. Chyna basically beat the Kardashian’s at their own game. No matter what you say, Dream and Rob’s insecurities solidified Chyna to the right position. One thing I do hope is that since Rob has been known for having emotional issues is that he doesn’t commit suicide or homicide. I hope he actually gets the help he needs to conquer his demons and I hope this doesn’t turn deadly because if so, that can actually not work in Chyna’s favor. Maybe Chyna can be on drugs, maybe she can be scammer, maybe she can be a bad mother, but guess what? The Kardashian’s now can’t leave her high and dry. Before I leave you off, check out these two comical links I found below.

Commentary 1

Commentary 2

Commentary 3

I’m also sure that there are people who are willing to debate me on this, so please feel free to comment. I’m open for different perspectives. #BlacChynaForPresident



4 Responses to “Keeping Up With Rob & Chyna”
  1. B-zo says:

    Angela worked the system!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, it’s a bad situation anyway you look at it and none of them thought about the consequences of their actions and how this will effect their kids. It’s embarrassing but yet I feel bad for Rob because it’s obvious he had strong feelings for Chyna to some extent. He did whatever he could to make her happy. What we’re seeing now is him having an emotional breakdown. He’s hurting plus getting dragged all over social media is the icing on the cake.

    • nubian163 says:

      It being dragged all over social media is actually Rob’s fault. He could’ve taken his loss in private and kept it moving. He exposed her because he was trying to retaliate, but it didn’t work out in his favor unfortunately.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very true! I definitely agree with that. He could have handled the situation privately and in a better manner but this is a lesson learned on both parties.

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