My 2017… In Sum

Realizing that tomorrow is the last day of 2017, I finally decided to look at my goal list that I made as 2016 was ending and 2017 was beginning. Every year, I usually make a list and keep it somewhere hidden in my bedroom. By the end of the year, I reflect, review what I accomplished for that year and what I did not accomplish. Looking at this list also helps with my ideas to formulate for the upcoming list.

2017 has been an interesting one, filled with various emotions. I experienced betrayal from some whom I thought were important, I experienced so much laughter; even traveling to places I never stepped foot in. I experience lots of love from a good amount of people I encountered this year, I ended up with still loving what I do for work; however, gaining a promotion a year and a few months after I started. 2017 was filled with changes; however, I am sure it was for the best.

I was able to lower my debt, spend less money by using more coupons, say no more often and get rid of items I no longer need as opposed to just collecting them. I even went to the gym quite often this year.

In 2018, I plan on transferring some goals I did not complete, such as celebrating Kwanzaa for the first time, reading more books and going to a regular doctor. Some goals I completed in 2017, but plan on bringing with me in 2018 include saving more money, give away items I no longer need, lowering my debt and making more money than I did in 2017.

I decided to write this post because we all should have goals we aspire to accomplish. We won’t complete every goal; however, as long as we keep a to do list, we always have something to strive for. We need to hold each other accountable for goals we have (whether we mention them out loud or keep them to ourselves), we need to be better than we were the previous year and we need to just be at peace.

Always follow your dreams folks!

One Response to “My 2017… In Sum”
  1. blureign16 says:

    i plan to celebrate Kwanzaa too!

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