The Handmaid’s Tale

“Blessed be the fruit.” A term I laughed at in the beginning because of the way it was said and because it was always said. I actually laughed and did not know the meaning of it. Before I get into my fascination with this show…. let’s rewind back.

One evening, I go to my friend’s house to stay over and as I walk in the living room, I see a plane get shot up and ultimately stops. A woman and man is hauled out of the plane and then the “movie (what I thought it was originally)” fades to black. I get a little curious and nervous because this woman is trying to grab everything she can to not get dragged out of the plane, but to no avail. Speaking to my friend after, she starts telling me about “The Handmaid Tales.” Originally, this was a book that now became a live production via Hulu. I realized I did not have Hulu and figured, maybe I’ll run into it eventually again.

That eventually somehow came quicker than I thought. About 2 weeks later, I found myself watching the first episode from Season 1 to get the origin. After watching the first episode, I automatically have a series of questions:

  • Where are all of the minorities in society?
  • How did these people allow society to change the way it did?
  • Will Offred (the main character) ever escape?
  • What year did this take place?
  • What location did this take place?

I also wondered why did they use these silly terms. One evening, while watching it, I decided to google what “Blessed be the fruit” actually meant. Good thing I did because an article came up that helped put pieces together for me. Please read The Handmaid’s Tales Glossary for a better understanding.

Without taking anything away for those who have not watched it, please do! The acting is better than I thought, especially from the Handmaid’s. This production makes you question society (some questions are answered and quite a few we are still figuring out), this production has suspense and leaves you eager to watch the next episode. This show tackles religion and gender issues, while showing you how life can transform before your eyes.

Characters to look out for: Janine (I LOVE her bravery and how she survives through it ALL; Moira (love her drive to get away), Serena (although she’s wicked, I love how pretty she is, how she is quick to switch up and how cynical she can be to get what she wants). Aunt Lydia… watch out for. All in all, I feel like this would have a Season 3 (where I hope the things that are not explained in Season 2, gets explained there).

Before I leave, questions I ask my audience to think of (and please respond so we can have a dialogue, are the following:

  • What documents were signed in order to make the laws change?
  • Will Janine be reunited with Charlotte/Angela?
  • Will Nick’s “wife” snitch on him?
  • What toxins are located at the colonies to take off people’s skins?
  • Why is the wife of value if she literally does nothing?
  • If young girls are separated from their actual mothers and grow up, would they be labeled future wives, martha’s or handmaids?

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