Small Black Business I WOULD NOT Support Again

One positive thing Instagram has done for business owners is allow them to promote and perfect their brand via social media. It has allowed business owners to not only get more clients, but be in contact with them. One brand that I will no longer support again (sad to say) is Chef Jus Blaze. My … Continue reading

Keeping Up With Rob & Chyna

One of the stories everyone’s been talking about since yesterday was Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. The Kardashians are known for having scandalous stories to tell and sometimes, they’re willing to tell on themselves. This story; however, tops the cake. On Instagram, Rob Kardashian goes into a 6 plus post on how Blac Chyna has … Continue reading

MTA… Cut The Shit!

Everyday in NYC, people are always hustling and in a rush. While heading to their early destinations, people want to ensure the method used is reliable, but also convenient. Over the years, MTA has been the most unreliable, pricy, annoying and inconsiderate method of transportation. The subway system, in particular, has not only been dirtier … Continue reading

Dear White People

I can actually say I have been very proud of Netflix lately. They have been posting good movies that pertain to societal issues. They are posting quality shows and they are making sure they grab your attention. One show in particular, which came out very recent has caught my attention, making me watch the whole … Continue reading


Oohhh all my life (well a good amount of my life), I have been fighting this issue. Some weeks, I am perfectly fine. Face feels smooth, look nice in the pictures I take, no blackheads and no whiteheads. I am on cloud nine. Other weeks, I am miserable. Face is bumpy, I do not want … Continue reading

Mixtape Reviews

This post is different from my daily posts I have done this past few weeks. This is pretty much back to what I post about from time to time, reviews and opinions about what’s happening in society. Three of our favorite artists recently released mixtapes. Chris Brown, Trey Songz ¬†and Fabolous. This Thanksgiving weekend, I … Continue reading

Poetry & Skin Color

Browsing through your social networks allows you to be updated on what’s going on in various types of everyday life. Today, while browsing and trying to nap, I come across a link regarding a black girl “talking white.” Although many may have automatically thought the link would’ve been some controversy or fight, the link turned … Continue reading

Honey & Cinnamon

While scrolling thru my Facebook, I found out there were home remedies that can be used to cure most of the issues we have going on with us today. Cinnamon and Honey is supposed to be that and according to Facebook, this is what it helps with (I am trying two of these tonight and … Continue reading

Dispute Over TV Show

2012 has been filled with ratchetness and nonsense that needs to stop. As I was getting back to New York from Dominican Republic, I’m looking at the news station on the airport and I hear about a Man Shooting His Wife Over TV Show Dispute. I read it twice just to make sure I wasn’t … Continue reading

Be Careful Before You BBQ

From time to time, I read various articles from newspapers. One article that stuck to me as I passed it was “The Bristle Brush as Barbecue Hazard.” Being that it is summer time, the lose clothes are coming on, the events are jumping and people are using their grills, I felt it was something important … Continue reading