her grandmother called her from the playground        “yes, ma’am”        “i want chu to learn how to make rolls” said the old woman proudly but the little girl didn’t want to learn how because she knew even if she couldn’t say it that that would mean when the old one died she would be … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week: Sea Food Grill

As NYC Restaurant Week is coming to an end, I decided to attend another location… Sea Food Grill. The ambiance… very nice, somewhat bright. It is very spacious with a nice bathroom and good bar space. I did not look to see if there were any usual bar specials; however, they had drink specials for … Continue reading

NYC Restaurant Week: Empire Steakhouse

NYC Restaurant Week is coming to an end and I decided to go out to a place I never been. My friend who went with me wanted steak as an option, so while looking at what’s on the list…. Empire Steakhouse was on the list. With restaurant week, we were able to get an appetizer, … Continue reading


We waste most of the time, trying to find that one thing we all desire, happiness. But what we all do not know is, happiness lies in everything, even the littlest things. Happiness lies in a beautiful day, where the sun is up, and the sky is in a shade of blue. Happiness lies in … Continue reading

Reunion Surf Bar

I am a big advocate for trying out new bars/restaurants within my city or any other city for the most part. Trying out new places allows us to decide whether something is worth going to again or even recommending to others. Unfortunately, I have a place I WILL NOT recommend to others. Reunion Surf Bar … Continue reading

I Do…. On The Beach

My cousin whom I grew up with is finally getting married. Yes, I’ve been to many weddings lately; however, this one I need help. It is another destination wedding, except this wedding is on a resort. We will be at Ocho Rios enjoying the wedding and having some fun in the sun. I usually know … Continue reading


Life is too short. Although every year has shown us that this theory is true, 2016 has really topped it so far with the various murders. I won’t be long winded with this, but show those who you appreciate, that you appreciate them. Tell those you love, that you love them. Be positive. Be helpful. … Continue reading

Love and Admiration

Day 14… Time is still going. This is the part that gets a little sappy. Question is “Do you consider yourself worth love and admiration?” I would consider anyone worth of love and admiration. I would say there is a person for everyone in the world, you just have to experience a few situations to … Continue reading

Dear Past Me

Day 9… It is getting a little deeper. Let’s indulge. Dear Past Me, Thank you for holding on and not falling victim to the negative ways of the world. Thank you for not being a statistic and overcoming the negative statistics. I do wish the past me would have been less timid, but guess you … Continue reading


Busy, busy weekend; however, I am still blogging. Day 6’s question was, “Do you feel guilty about anything?” Out of the 27 years in my life…. I’m going to see what I can think of. 1. Making someone feel bad if that wasn’t my intent. a. I’m all about feelings when it comes to people … Continue reading