We waste most of the time, trying to find that one thing we all desire, happiness. But what we all do not know is, happiness lies in everything, even the littlest things. Happiness lies in a beautiful day, where the sun is up, and the sky is in a shade of blue. Happiness lies in … Continue reading

Day 29

Day 29…. Almost to the end. Question of the day is “What do you want your life to look like in 5 years? What is your plan?” In 5 years, the following needs to happen?   I need to be in a larger home/apartment than I am currently in now. I need to be married … Continue reading

Success Poem

Something I found while surfing the web, decided to share with everyone. Success Poem The road to success is not straightThere is a curve called Failure, a  loop called confusion,speed bumps called Friends, red lights called  Enemies, andcaution lights called FamilyBut if you have a spare called  Determination,an engine called Perseverance,insurance called Faith,  anda driver … Continue reading