Water Your Plants

  This quote stuck out to me today. It stuck so much to me that it made me want to share it with others. In today’s age, this quote simply means, treasure what you have. Often times, we are looking at others and comparing our lives to theirs. Someone either has more money than us, … Continue reading

The Deepest Depths of Epic Pain

A good poem I found while doing random Google searches. The scars of life unveil the weight of lies, lest it be the torment of moral sin, wherein the guiltless suffer wounds and cries of love’s deceit as heartless notions win. The evil whims of wicked fancy shows no mercy for those crossed by hands … Continue reading

Be Grateful

Looking at life and it’s happy days and not so happy days, I had to reflect on how we need to appreciate people and the opportunities we do have. I ended up running into a short poem that I felt was inspirational and wanted to share with you.   Be grateful for mistakes. Mistakes are … Continue reading


Life is too short. Although every year has shown us that this theory is true, 2016 has really topped it so far with the various murders. I won’t be long winded with this, but show those who you appreciate, that you appreciate them. Tell those you love, that you love them. Be positive. Be helpful. … Continue reading

A Warrior of Kindness

Looked around for some motivational poems and I found one. No matter what, let’s all just try to be kind and/or civil to one another.   A Warrior of Kindness When the mess is left behind, clean it up. When a sorry needs to be said, say it. When the fault needs to lie, offer … Continue reading

Day 30… Last One

Day 30… I rocked with it. I would say a good amount of the topics were challenging, which I was assuming it would be. Although some are not posted on here, I am glad I stuck with it. Last topic is to discuss what I learned about myself. Welp… here goes. I learned that I … Continue reading

Love Without Tragedy

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a love/hate relationship with Rihanna; however, one thing that she did say was true that you can’t have love without a tragedy. As years go by, I just look and analyze the world in which we live in and say to myself, “How did it get so … Continue reading