My 2017… In Sum

Realizing that tomorrow is the last day of 2017, I finally decided to look at my goal list that I made as 2016 was ending and 2017 was beginning. Every year, I usually make a list and keep it somewhere hidden in my bedroom. By the end of the year, I reflect, review what I … Continue reading

MTA… Cut The Shit!

Everyday in NYC, people are always hustling and in a rush. While heading to their early destinations, people want to ensure the method used is reliable, but also convenient. Over the years, MTA has been the most unreliable, pricy, annoying and inconsiderate method of transportation. The subway system, in particular, has not only been dirtier … Continue reading

Dear White People

I can actually say I have been very proud of Netflix lately. They have been posting good movies that pertain to societal issues. They are posting quality shows and they are making sure they grab your attention. One show in particular, which came out very recent has caught my attention, making me watch the whole … Continue reading

Inviting Out

As you get older, your priorities change and your mindset grows. A while ago,┬áif I found out someone I knew was having an event and I did not get invited, I would feel so sort of way. I might have cursed them out in my head, cursed them out loud, made a whole production, even … Continue reading

Day 29

Day 29…. Almost to the end. Question of the day is “What do you want your life to look like in 5 years? What is your plan?” In 5 years, the following needs to happen?   I need to be in a larger home/apartment than I am currently in now. I need to be married … Continue reading


Day 5…….. I’m staying consistent so far. Yes, I know Day 4 isn’t on here. That’s because the topic I wanted to keep to myself. Day 5’s topic is “Is there anything you believe you need to be forgiven for?” This one is a very reflective question, which allows me to see error in my … Continue reading

Road To Saving Money

Saving money has never been an easy thing for Americans. The land of opportunity, the place of freedom, the “1st world country.” There are several Americans that know how to spend, but don’t know how to save. Growing up, I would always be willing to spend, but never be willing to save. My mom’s favorite … Continue reading