Cardi B And Her Rise: Should We Hate or Not?

The Trap Selena, Our Favorite Cousin, LHHNY’s Rising Star and Former Stripper. These are a few aliases our infamous Cardi B may be known as. In the short amount of time, Cardi has managed to turn heads on Instagram, TV and now the music scene. She has managed to put herself in profitable positions and … Continue reading

Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food

Evening all…. another weekend that passed and another brunch spot I went to. I do go places outside of New York City, whether it’s in a different country or state. Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food was actually a great spot on South Street. I’m unsure if the location is usually as good as it was this … Continue reading

PS 450

Lately, I’ve decided to not only go places, but to write reviews on them just so my readers can get a sense of places they can go or things they can do when they’re in a specific area. This afternoon, I went to brunch at PS 450 in Manhattan. So, I was suppose to go … Continue reading

New Edition: The Movie

The New Edition Movie just ended last night and one word I can use to sum up my thoughts…. outstanding! I am proud of BET starting off 2017 correct with great work; they made my three days of watching well worth it. The cast…. great. I appreciated them really acting and really getting into character, … Continue reading

A Seat At The Table

The album that had little promotion, but high ratings. The album that everyone is talking about. The album that speaks volumes. This album belongs to none other than Solange. Most may know Solange just as Beyonc√©’s younger sister, but Solange has made a name for herself. She’s had multiple albums, been an activist on her … Continue reading

Mixtape Reviews

This post is different from my daily posts I have done this past few weeks. This is pretty much back to what I post about from time to time, reviews and opinions about what’s happening in society. Three of our favorite artists recently released mixtapes. Chris Brown, Trey Songz ¬†and Fabolous. This Thanksgiving weekend, I … Continue reading

The PinkPrint

A lot of albums have been released in 2014… one of them including Nicki Minaj’s new album, “The PinkPrint.” A few people recommended that I gave the album a listen, so one day, I decided to give it a listen. After listening to snippets of each song, then each song, I can honestly say that … Continue reading

Keshia Chante…. Can She Play Aaliyah

Keshia Chante performing the late, great Aaliyah’s “One in a Million” song. Apparently, she is a top contender for playing the role of the singer in the upcoming movie on VH1.

August Alsina

Usually before I buy albums, I log onto my YouTube account to give the tracks a listen. This will determine if I will listen to a track often, purchase a track or purchase an album. Today, I decided to give August Alsina’s new album, “Testimony” a listen. I heard many good reviews and heard a … Continue reading

Old Nicki vs. New Nicki

Once in a while I always catch myself saying, “I miss old Nicki.” “I miss hood Nicki.” “I miss bird Nicki.” Over the little time that Nicki Minaj has been in the music industry, she has went threw a complete transformation. Most people notice and comment on her physical change; however, it’s a lot more … Continue reading