We waste most of the time, trying to find that one thing we all desire, happiness. But what we all do not know is, happiness lies in everything, even the littlest things. Happiness lies in a beautiful day, where the sun is up, and the sky is in a shade of blue. Happiness lies in … Continue reading

Water Your Plants

  This quote stuck out to me today. It stuck so much to me that it made me want to share it with others. In today’s age, this quote simply means, treasure what you have. Often times, we are looking at others and comparing our lives to theirs. Someone either has more money than us, … Continue reading

Gives Me Meaning

Day 25 question is “What gives me meaning?” It’s many things I can say give me meaning; however, one that I thought off the top of my head that can be good and bad is “Satisfaction of others.” I am a giving person. I give what I can, even if that includes time, money, love … Continue reading

Dominant Emotion

This is getting a little in my business. Lol, very grateful for these questions and these posts also. Day 19 asks, “What is the dominant emotion in your life right now?” Here we go.   Annoyance is the dominant emotion in my life right now. Why am I annoyed?   People are at times selfish and … Continue reading