My 2017… In Sum

Realizing that tomorrow is the last day of 2017, I finally decided to look at my goal list that I made as 2016 was ending and 2017 was beginning. Every year, I usually make a list and keep it somewhere hidden in my bedroom. By the end of the year, I reflect, review what I … Continue reading

MTA… Cut The Shit!

Everyday in NYC, people are always hustling and in a rush. While heading to their early destinations, people want to ensure the method used is reliable, but also convenient. Over the years, MTA has been the most unreliable, pricy, annoying and inconsiderate method of transportation. The subway system, in particular, has not only been dirtier … Continue reading

One Habit

Day 26. I’m still in there. Almost to the home stretch. If you seen some numbers skipped, that’s because like said prior… If it’s too personal, I’m not posting on here. Day 26’s topic is “Describe one small habit that you will change today.” One small habit I will change today is avoid going on … Continue reading

Fulfilling Desires

Day 15…. Way behind, but still hanging in there. People want their dreams to be fulfilled, to experience complete happiness and to be what they consider to be successful. Well with these desires comes many things. What I can personally do to fulfill my current desires are:   To have faith. A little faith and … Continue reading